Life is Working Out. Everything is Taken Care Of.

Affirmation: "Everything is happening around me. I am fully taken care of." Say it with me. "Everything is happening around me. I am fully taken care of."

At an event at Wanderlust Hollywood Gabrielle Bernstein boldly projected to the room that this was her new mantra. She was working on relinquishing control and letting go - like REALLY letting go.

There's letting go and then there is fully surrendering - putting your hands up and saying you give it up to a power greater than you. That whatever will be will be. This is powerful stuff but it's scary AF.

Relinquishing control and trusting that life is always working in our favour, delivering us the exact experiences we need, is hard.

Not knowing is hard. Trusting that you are exactly where you need to be is hard.

Not knowing where you're going to be six months from now or how a project will be received is hard.

But it doesn't have to be that hard.

What if you allowed yourself to let go of the reigns and allowed things to flow? To choose to believe that life is always unfolding for your highest good? To just stay present with what's going on that day without trying to control what's going to happen tomorrow.

Trying to control the future is just another form of fear designed to keep us safe. It's an illusion.

Because when we choose to take our hands off the steering wheel - the most magical things happen. Everything flows. Everything we need in that moment is provided to us.

If I'm getting too attached to the future or controlling an outcome I sit in meditation and ask to dwell in infinite possibilities. I ask to release my attachments. I ask to let go.

Thoughts are like children, so I all of them be heard and then I say to myself, like a mother to its child, "everything is happening around you. You are fully taken care of."

Meditate: Inhale "let" exhale "go"