Learning to Love the Aloneness

You are never alone. You are connected with everything.

I'm travelling solo right now on the beautiful island of sifnos. I spent my day in near silence yesterday - from when I was on the ferry getting here, to spending the day at the beach, going on hikes around the coast, swimming in turquoise saltwater that's burning my sunburned lips and exploring one of the 346 churches on the island. Despite my aloneness, I felt at home.
Why? Because wherever you go, there you are

Learning to be alone is difficult.

Learning to be alone with yourself, your thoughts, and your heart is a beautiful gift, however. It tears away the illusion that anything outside of you will make you whole. It is true self acceptance.

Once you learn to be anchored in yourself, and in your solitude, then you always have it. You've got a "home frequency". You're never lonely because you know the light in you is always there - and even if you lose it for a moment it's easily found again through looking at the sun, the trees, or a child laughing and you remember how connected we all are.
So breathe deep, put your hand on your heart and feel into it. There's the light. There's the love. There YOU are. Wherever you are.
Love warrior, do you enjoy solitude or are you afraid of it?