Keep Your Face to the Sunshine

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow." - Hellen Keller

Do. Say. Be. What are you doing and saying and how are you being? Are you trapped in thinking a negative thought? Are you beating yourself up about something? Or are you focusing on how amazing your life is, how excited you are for what you day brings and how awesome it is that every day you have no idea what will happen and magic could turn up and you are fully alive.

While I try in stay in a high vibe, positive state all the time - I'm human. I get pushed into things that take me out of my flow. During those times, I "fake it until I make it." I use affirmations like "I am strong", "I am loving", "I am powerful", or "everything is working out for me" to interrupt my mind when it's going to a place I know I want to get out of. It's not serving me.

Then I'll DO something for someone else that makes them feel how I want to feel. I'll smile at a stranger, I'll text a friend, I'll tell someone they are amazing.

Because EVERYTHING is energy, and the vibe you're at usually starts with the thoughts in your mind. When you're having happy and peaceful thoughts - you feel that way and you act that way. And when you do, say and BE in your truth or your most vibrant state, you feel amazing. You feel alive and blissful and fully aligned.

So if you're feeling like your out of your flow, do this: fake it until you make it. SAY affirmations, and then DO something for someone else that makes them feel how you want to feel. Help someone else. Because we all are connected and everything IS energy.