Karma is Only a Bitch if You Are

"In a universe where like goes to like - and "birds of a feather flock together," we attract to us that which we emanate. Consequences may come in an unsuspected way. For instance, we are kind to the elevator man, and a year later, a helpful stranger gives us a hand on a deserted highway. An observable "this" does not cause an observable "that." Instead, in reality, a shift in motive or behaviour acts on a field that then produces an increased likelihood of positive responses. Our inner work is like building up a bank account, but one from which we cannot draw at our own personal will. The disposition of the funds is determined by a subtle energy field, which awaits a trigger to release this power into our own lives." - David Hawkins

All situations in your life - good or bad - you have had some hand in creating. You are the author of your own story and every day it can be rewritten.

If you want love - be love. Be loving to the cashier - make eye contact with strangers - laugh with the people around you. Choose to be the light and it will follow you everywhere you go.