It's Okay to Not Know

We've never fully arrived.

Do you have resistance to admitting that you don't have it all figured out? Sure, you might have an intense vision or moment of clarity, and you've read some great books and you've been to some cool workshops and that might make your mind trick you into thinking that you've arrived - that you have life figured out - but we've never fully arrived. I say with love that there is always deeper to go.

Similarly, don't let someone else around you who exudes that they've got it all figured out let you think that they actually have. We all have deeper to go on the path, and some of us are further along it, but we're all constantly learning and evolving, and wherever you are right now is perfect. Anyone who tries to make you think that they've arrived at the end of understanding has tricked you. It's an illusion. Even the greatest enlightened masters continued to deepen their connection to and merging with source/universal love/God throughout their existence. We are all just walking each other home, and we don't fully arrive there until the very end.

I share this tonight because - BREATHE. None of us have it all figured out. We're all being led down different paths perfectly designed to teach us the lessons we need to liberate us from thinking that we were ever separate. Where you're at is perfect. If you're still super stuck in your mind, perfect. If you have a business of impact and are changing the world in that way but you still pass judgments on others, witness that. If you have felt what it was like to merge with unconditional love one time, only to spend your days wondering why you can't get back there, be with that. If you've cleared a lot of baggage lately and you're feeling blissful and loving, be with that too. Notice where you're at - and be ALL there. Allow yourself to open up to the idea that we always have deeper to go - to become more unconditionally loving, accepting, forgiving and joyful - and beyond that to merge with the essence of love that permeates every atom of energy around us. Be where you are.