If Something Feels Off, It's Probably Off. Move on.

If it feels off - something is probably off.

Tour gut/intuition/higher self/soul will always alert you to when something is off or simply doesn't FEEL right. it doesn't mean it's wrong - it's often just a signal to turn in a different direction.

I arrived in Hong Kong on an adventure and my mind/ego self told me I needed to go out immediately and make friends. I posted myself up at a touristy bar in Lan Kwai Fong, which is notoriously full of expats. I ordered a drink at the bar and sat there silently watching a football game (who am I? none of the above was appealing to me) until a group of Americans my age came in and immediately "iced" each other. This was my sign. I introduced myself and they happily invited me to join them. It was early so we soon decided to go to their Airbnb to have drinks before going back out.

I got to their place and something felt off. They were really nice people, but speaking with them was difficult because we had little in common. I couldn't connect. It was forced. It was off.

I realized that my mind told me I HAD to find friends while travelling but my gut told me these weren't my people and that my SOUL was much happier to explore the night lights of Hong Kong that night solo.

So I got up, said BYE and left. As I waited at the elevator I could hear one of the guys, thinking I was gone,say "well that was weird." uh yeah! It was weird! but if a situation feels weird - it probably is - and the best thing we can do is trust that we've labelled it as weird for a reason and to get out.

I ended up having an amazing night following my heart wherever it wanted to go - much happier to be in my own company.