How Your Story Keeps You Small

I had a story running since I was five that was designed to keep me safe - it was "don't worry - I've got this".

It showed up as fierce independence, difficultly fully receiving support from others, or being able to let the guys I dated see vulnerability.

Then I decided it was total BS. Our lives are not meant to be lived in silos - we are meant to connect. there's no award for doing everything yourself.
One of the most powerful things for me right now has been to share my intention for my business of empowering others WITH others. by sharing with others, I've ended up meeting so many people in the last year who are here to champion me and have gently held my hand as I forge ahead on my path. They have been so willing to help, support and inspire me to pursue my dreams and I have loved supporting them too.
We are here to COLLABORATE on our dreams and to share our intentions with others. The power of what we say gets amplified when it is shared with others. The supportive energy of a group can hold the space for you to boldly take steps in the direction of your dreams and to really stand in your power and shine.