How to Manifest Things Into Your Life

"You can literally create any life that your desire, and the universe will deliver to you the people, the places, and events just as you decide them to be. For you are the creator of your experience - you have only to decide it and allow it to be." - Esther and Jerry Hicks

The is a magic to being intentional about what we want to create in our lives. I LOVE the power of manifestation. I originally learned it from the secret and have used it in every area of my life for many years. I've manifested the perfect places for me to live, grades in school, romantic partners, free smoothies, jobs, rubber duckies (because sometimes i play with the magic just to see).

We literally can create anything we want to show up in our life as long as we are focused on it AND it's aligned with our highest good.

I've unsuccessfully tried to manifest things - or people - that were NOT aligned with my highest good and totally came from a place of my ego mind.

I've also not manifested something when I wasn't clear enough and kept changing my focus (and admittedly, came from a place of ego) like the one time I went Vegas when the NHL conference happened and I wanted to manifest meeting a hockey player/NHL player (because why NOT) and instead met a JOCKEY.

New moon time - which is NOW - is perfect for planting new seeds of intent.

If you want to manifest something:
✨write it down "I want X to appear in my life"
✨state WHY you want it to show up "I want to have this show up in my life so I can feel X/create Y/dance in the bliss of my own life..."
✨picture in your mind what this thing is and you experiencing it
✨feel what it would feel like to have that thing show up in your life - this is the key - then feel INTO that energy. Embody that energy
✨now forget about it and allow the universe to do its thing... except for:
✨take inspired action - follow your gut and let it lead you to the people, situations and places that will allow this to unfold

Sometimes manifestations happen immediately, sometimes five years later but they are beautiful proof of the magic of life that is available to us every day.