How To Get Over a Bad Mood

How to get out of a bad mood: "help me to see this differently."

A course in miracles teaches that the holy instant - the moment you shift your thinking away from fear, resistance, anger, judgment or negativity and back to LOVE - is always one thought away... we just have to choose it
I had a case of the Friday RAWRs. It's rainy, super dark and I slept through my alarm. Since I was late, I had to get on the streetcar. As I was walking to the stop with the rain pummelling into my face and the lingering feeling that I really just wished I was cozy in bed - I asked for the instant: "help me to see this differently." 

As soon as I got on the streetcar and a disheveled man came up to me "isn't it nice we can still wear outfits like this at this point in October?" he said pointing to my running shoes, bare legs and light jacket. The holy instant. "YES. It IS amazing." He said "enjoy it. The cold is coming in fast." Perception changed: no longer was I hung up on the rain, but rather was grateful it was still warm enough that I didn't have to bundle up. Spirit works through people.

We then got talking about how he was going to meet the cable company because his cable got cut off for failure to pay because he lost his job. In that moment, he needed the holy instant too - someone to listen and SEE him and tell him it was okay. He got off at the next stop.

As always, magic, love and connection are always available the second we choose to have it show up. "Help me to see this differently. Help me to see this with love."