How to Find Balance

The pendulum swings both ways - the key is finding the delicate balance of doing and non-doing... of action and stillness. If not, I'm sure you've had the experience of what it feels like to be pushed, flung, catapulted, or thrown back the other way - whether you've been a little TOO relaxed and end up making a mistake through inattention, or you're TOO on it and all of the sudden you can't stay awake.

Its another form of a "spiritual smackdown".

I'm in love with summer and have been burning BRIGHT during the week - from the moment I wake up to meditate early in the morning to my workday to outings with friends every night. If I kept up with that pace on the weekend I would crash HARD. I did that earlier this summer.

So now I've been taking the weekends up at my cottage to do a lot of nothing but reading, reflecting, spending time in nature and otherwise "non doing" to balance out my week.

Creating boundaries for yourself of how much you can actually do is one of the most loving things you can do for yourself.

If you're feeling like your personal pendulum is going too far in one direction, what's one commitment you can make this week to balance yourself out?