How to Change the World: Ask this Question...

What do you do when you feel helpless to react to what's going on in the world? ASK FOR GUIDANCE

Sit in quiet contemplation or meditation and ask "how can I be of service?" Then table it. The answer will come

Maybe it means you feel called to work with underprivileged kids in your city to give them the support you graciously received or did not receive as a kid

Maybe it means you have a meeting with your political representative

Maybe it means you offer your services to those in need for free to create a ripple effect of love and healing

Maybe it means you're called to do a deeper dive into yourself to discover what's blocking you from experiencing your power so that you can rise up and help in a greater way

Change starts one person at a time, one light at a time, bit by bit helping to shift the consciousness of the world by slowly helping to illuminate the darkness that permeates the it

"How can I be of service? Tell me where to go and what to do"