Happiness is an Inside Job

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are - Marianne Williamson

Despite always being a positive person, I could have never imagined the joy I would feel day to day just by cutting through and clearing every fearful pattern of perception I had about the world and my experience over the past few years. In short, I taught myself to align my thoughts with love each day.

It doesn't always mean that I'm successful at it - but it means that by choosing to align with my heart each day, and asking to see things differently every time I step out of that and find myself judging, agitated or overwhelmed, that I'm able to realize the infinite joy that's available to us just by being.

Think of the best moment of your life - where you felt most proud, radiant, loving and peaceful. Now imagine that feeling - that feeling of joy. Feel it in your heart.

And now imagine having that same feeling every day, without anything seemingly special happening. It's possible. It still blows my mind it's possible. That it's possible that in our human experience, each time you think you've reached a pinnacle of joy in your life, you climb the mountain further, and dig a little deeper into yourself, to get to an even higher vantage point.

Today I'm in bliss. Today I feel pure love and pure joy for absolutely no reason other than that I am alive and we are all here, living together and all having the experiences our souls requested us to have, but just doing our best while we do so. It amazes me.

The depth of love and joy we have the capacity to feel as humans is infinite - like the ocean. The key is to keep clearing space in our minds, our hearts and our bodies to be able to hold the energy of even more joy.