Go with the Flow

Go with the flow.

It's simple, but we resist the flow of what IS. What are you resisting? Is there any area of your life, such as a behaviour or habit, or a circumstance, that you keep denying? Something you're fighting against. Trying to make it as though it’s not - the - way - that - it - is - right now?

That’s what I’m looking at right now. Where do I have lingering resistance to what IS? It’s the image of being in the stream of the river, holding onto big rocks trying to stop yourself from going where the current is going. The key, is that if you just let go of the rocks, the river would take you swiftly, easily, effortlessly to where you are supposed to be going. It’s by holding onto the rocks - because you’re scared, because you don’t know where the river is going to go, because it’s safe, that you’re resisting. You're blocking yourself.

Often we don’t like the way that things are because our minds have played an ego trick of thinking we know how the whole game shakes down, but it’s an illusion. We think we know better than the universe, but don’t. As a result, we might resist coming to terms with where we are right now, thinking we should be somewhere else, or failing to surrender to the direction we’re being pulled, or the person that’s in front of us because it’s not the way our mind told us it was going to be or should be or should look like. Are you resisting what's simply your reality right now?

But with that same idea - can you just let go of your expectations and plans and allow yourself to really, truly, go with the flow of what’s showing up for you? Can you OPEN and be fully there with wherever you're at in each moment? Because once you embrace what IS - you are free. You unlock the chains of your own expectations and plans and allow yourself to experience the true magic of the unknown and the beauty of the present moment.

Dive into where you are. Let yourself be carried by the flow. I love you.