Go with the Flow

I get a ton of clarity in nature... you probably do too

What the clarity has brought me to is the evaluation of "where am I swimming upstream?" versus "where am I flow?"

I love the amazing goddess women in my life but more often than not its MEN who come my way to speak about their blocks, where they're playing small, what their vision is, and what their connection to a power higher than them is.

I find it easy and love being around masculine energy - and yet I've been pushing away working with men to tunnel vision of thinking my focus was working with the women.

I had a realization today that I needed to drop my idea about who I was meant to work with and instead just FOLLOW THE FLOW and show up fully for whoever showed up for me.

So while I'll keep showing up and championing for my warrior goddess ladies who show up in my life, I'm ready to open my heart and my service to all the amazing MEN who have showed up in my life seeking clarity and guidance.

We don't know what our path is until we jump in and swim and see where you get moved. I encourage you to ask yourself "what is flowing easily in my life?" And go THERE.