Give What You Want to Receive

"As I give, I freely receive."

Whatever we want to receive, we must give. If you want love and respect from others, then give love and respect to others. If you want to start a business, then help someone start their business. If you want more money, give some your resources to someone or something that needs it. If it isn't financially feasible for you to give money away, then rejoice that you have the gift of time, and that your time can be donated to people who need to be uplifted. Kind words cost nothing. Smiling is free

Tony Robbins was talking to Lewis Howes on his Podcast about how he had less than 50 dollars to his name but went to a restaurant where his heart was pulled by a child who was having dinner with his single mother. The child had opened the door for the mum and was being such a gentleman. Tony ended up giving the child the remaining money he had so that he could pay for the dinner. Hours after that happened, he got a phone call from a friend who had owed him money. From then on, he made giving a huge part of his practice and has gone on to create a wildly successful business, but also gives back by providing meals to school children.