Getting Grounded

"To be rooted is perhaps the most important and the least recognized need of the human soul." - Simone Weil

It's important to be grounded. To feel like you have your two feet on the ground, that your basic needs are met and that you're centered. That you have a clear vision for your future and to be clear on what your truth is. I set the intention back in the spring to spend my time on the weekends of summer getting rooted. I did... by watching many sunsets like this one, being in nature and with my family and now I'm feeling a NEW pull. It's a pull to now follow adventure and be free and play more. The winds of change are literally upon me because I have a whirlwind of travel coming up.

Because in order to be able to thrive in adventure and play and not get swept away we sometimes have to root down first. At least that's the case for me right now. Had I not spent this time getting rooted, I wouldn't have been able to handle the momentum that's building both in the adventures that await and also in following my passions.

So think of rooting down time like a wizard from Harry Potter learning how to wield their wand for the first time. The wand wouldn't work or would fly all over the place at first if they tried to harness it's magic right away. Instead, they need to study and practice and be away at school to learn how to handle the magic. And that's it - to be rooted is to be able to learn how to handle and create MORE magic in our life. To learn how to harness the sword of the support of the entire universe that is around us every day. To handle the momentum of what happens when we wake up and realize WOW I create my own reality through my thoughts and actions, and I am supported fully each day by the universe in bringing my dreams into reality.