Full Circle Moments and Letting Friendships Ebb and Flow

Ever have moment when things come full circle? or when they are serendipitous? that exact person you've been thinking of reaches out - you get a windfall gain - that deal goes through... last weekend a friend had a party and didn't invite me! I felt bad about having lost touch and vowed to make an effort to  reconnect with some of my friends from when I was studying. I felt like not being invited was a sign that I was losing touch or had lost touch with a group of people who who really inspired me while I was in law school. sure enough, that same friend reached out to me randomly this week saying that we should catch up and how much he missed hanging. after I heard about his party, I was projecting that our friendship was over, but in reality both of us had been busy and had let ourselves drift. had he not reached out I would have kept thinking our friendship had drifted too far. good to remember that it's never too late to reach out to an old friend that you've drifted from. what I've continually been shown by the universe is that friends can wax and wane as we get to different places in our lives - and that's okay - the people who are meant to be in your life will always be there at the time when they're supposed to be.