Finding the Infinite Power of Our Light

"Only when we're brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light" - Brene Brown

I cried at work today. Feelings are meant to be felt. Being able to stay in our "home frequency" of feeling good means feeling every feeling FULLY and then releasing it. I used to hate doing this - I didn't like vulnerable feelings - feelings like guilt or disappointment or sadness so I would take a pass over them. I didn't cry for years at a time

But blocking an emotion will only cause it to get lodged in you. It'll show up in your body as sickness, or it'll show up in your heart as disconnection until one day the volcano erupts and the universe says ENOUGH and forces you to sit in your shadow in what I call a spiritual smackdown - you lose your job, you can't get out of bed, you get sick, that partner cheats. It all comes so that it can be released so you can stand in your highest power - where you know the power of your light and the possibilities in front of you.

There is no light without the dark, and to get to higher levels of happiness you have to go deeper into your shadow.

So now I've learned: if a feeling comes up, feel it fully, embrace it, let it move through you and then release it. Don't judge it, don't get annoyed with it. Don't eat over it or drink over it. Just witness it and then move it out through movement and meditation.

Right now is a powerful time for release - with the full moon. You can write down what you want to get rid of - what's no longer serving you? Get honest.