Face Your Fear

"Look fear in the face and it will cease to bother you" - Yogananda

I still find edges all the time and then choose to push through them even when I want to shrink; to play safe, stay comfortable, take the easy route.

This past weekend I had a new edge; go to a yoga workshop. I first practiced yoga when I was 13 through a girls group I was in. All I remember is lying down at the end and as the sound of the gong vibrated through my body I felt like I was home. I played with it a bit in high school, through watching DVDs before big exams to calm myself down, and then committed to a regular practice in University that I've had, pretty much, ever since. Despite this, I used to never consider myself a yogi. Again, another resistance for reasons I'm not entirely sure.

The past three years I've dedicated much of my life to the yogic lifestyle - which is ultimately about deepening my connection to LOVE for all that is - universal love. Blissful love. Despite this - "who me? A yogi?"

So I decided to cut the BS and allow myself to deepen my practice and own that I'm on this path, which includes using movement to connect to the body, clear through blocks and feel more love. My edge was this workshop on hand balancing and transitions; things I'm not strong at yet, with a group of people I didn't know, with a teacher I rarely took class with. I danced on the edge - it was easier for me to stay home but I decided to just SHOW UP because the key to overcoming your fears is just to look them directly in the face by FACING them. Once you face them, your mind is usually pretty over them. The workshop was great.

So what's your edge this week? Where can you push yourself a tiny step forward into a fear that's calling you? I dare you!