Expectations Ruin Relationships

A course in miracles says "do not try to hurt him when he fails to take the part that you assigned to him, in what you dream your life was meant to be." I opened for guidance yesterday and this is what came up... later that night a guy I had been seeing, who I decided would be a fun guy for me to date, have fun with and speak about spirituality for the next couple of months, told me that he thought we should stop seeing each other. I felt pretty gutted. The issue wasn't that I felt rejected - the truth is there was a level of connection that was missing for a long term relationship - the issue was that I had created a whole story in my mind for what this guy was here to teach me, how long we would date and how things will unfold. Newsflash! We never know. We simply have to allow people to show up for us exactly where they're all while we do the same - and allow the connection to grow or dissolve without any attachment. Once I caught myself having attached a ROLE to this character in the story of my life and let it go, I was able to come back to a place of gratitude for the beautiful lessons he taught me in our time together.