Ebbs and Flows in Friendships are Okay

EBBS and FLOWS of friendships are normal.

One beautiful friend and I met years ago when I was living in the Gold Coast of Australia all by myself. I had never lived abroad before nor had I ever lived alone. We met the day after I moved to Australia and soon we became inseparable. She taught me how to navigate living in a foreign country, how to be a professional, and how to literally be an adult.

Eventually we both moved back to Canada and our lives continued to align. We went to the same law school and dated amazing men who became best friends...BUT life brought us in different directions.

What I have found is that we will find our way back to each other if we are meant to, and if a friend or partner isn't understanding where we're at the best thing is to let them go and set ourselves free.

This doesn't mean feeling resentment for them not understanding where we are at, but instead a deep compassion for where we're at and where they are at. This means having the courage to let a friendship go, in love, knowing it will boomerang back to us when it's intended to.

I let this friendship go in order for us to forge ahead on our different paths, only for us to reconnect in the most synchronic and amazing way again, and here I am, having the most fueling and fun dinner with her and our friends as I could've ever wanted. Know that life - including its friendships - are always ebbing and flowing. Be courageous to let go of friendships that are no longer serving you in order to know that they will come back when they are intended to.