Don't Resist Change

Take your hands off the steering wheel

I had a conversation with a friend about being with discomfort. In meditation we learn to be the non judgmental witness to our thoughts and feelings, observing and experiencing them without attaching them. It's a practice; normally I find I actually get more attached to what I label as GOOD or JOYFUL feelings. I did a lot of work in the last year with impermanence and soaking up every juicy feeling and moment without attaching to it, knowing that it wouldn't last forever. There are seasons to everything. What I'm working with right now is being attached to the resistance and discomfort that comes from being back from my vacation. So instead of resisting the fact that I'm not gallivanting right now and instead am at work and back in Toronto, I'm inviting that discomfort in and letting it flow through me. I'm watching and feeling into it, and then patiently waiting for it to dissipate, which it will.