Don't Let Fear of Future Hurt Stop You From the Inexplicable Joy of Being Alive

"don't let fear of future hurt stop you from the inexplicable joy of being alive." - exactly three years ago I lay on a yoga mat and heard my teacher read this quote. I realized I was paralyzed by fear of walking away from a life I knew was no longer serving me because I was scared of what would happen if I broke up with that life, including that boyfriend. After that day, I had the courage set myself free and to finally connect with my soul and forge ahead on the path of transformation that was calling me.

The quote went on to say "this joy will not come from outside of you..." At the time the concept seemed difficult to wrap my head around - you mean there is JOY to be found just by being alive? I had experienced joy - in moments, like when I landed my dream job, or got to the peak of machu picchu in Peru, or ate an incredible meal with friends, but I didn't understand that joy could come just from BEING.

I then spent every day unravelling the layers of myself to peel back everything that was stopping me from living my truth - which is in love and joy - every day. I call it love warrior for a reason - peeling back the layers of yourself is tough work, but on the other side is pure love and pure joy - something I could have never anticipated feeling when I made the decision to stop letting fear rule my future three years ago.