Choosing Boundaries with our Time

Say it with me: today I choose to be happy. today I choose to see the perfection in this moment

It's ALL divine - meaning that everything that is unfolding in your experience right now is perfect, exactly as it is. It was designed perfectly for you to cultivate the growth that only YOU need. it's just our mind that chooses to see a situation as bad/undesirable/annoying/frustrating. when those feelings come up - ask yourself: can I choose to see this differently? what is this teaching me? .

I just met up with someone who I knew wasn't on the same page as me but did it anyway. Our conversation was honestly super awkward and I felt my ego mind get annoyed that I had taken time out of my day to meet up with this person when I knew all along we weren't aligned. THAT'S the moment you CHOOSE. I let my inner guru take over and find the perfection of the moment - that I got to sit outside and be in nature with this person, that I had a beautiful walk over to see them, that I could feel compassion for where they were at in their life, and that it was also teaching me to honour my intuition when it says not to meet with someone out of guilt. Saying NO from a place of love is a powerful act of love for yourself and your own boundaries.