Building a Solid Foundation for Yourself to Grow

"Without foundation, nothing is secure" - a course in miracles

Foundations have been a big theme lately. Yes you can create whatever you want in your life, but you need to get your shit in order first. To "clean up house." Because when we're not actually rooted, taking action toward a goal can seem daunting. Or you can't even think of a goal. Or you can have a lot of enthusiasm for 5 days and then lose momentum. I want you to move forward - to not give up on your elevated life - so lay a solid foundation, and find your inner peace.

It's the idea of laying all the groundwork; making sure the seeds are planted in the right soil before it can grow... or of waiting for the a tree's roots to go even deeper before it can grow higher.

It's also the idea of how most lottery winners end up in the same financial situation they were in before they hit it big, or why extreme diets often lead to extreme weight gain afterward.

Make sure you are really stable in yourself. About who you are and what you value. Get centered.

How that happens is different for everyone, but what I suggest first is just to commit to checking off the list things that have been hovering around you - on your to do list but never getting done. Do that. And then commit to do the things that make you feel good. Meditate, journal, walk, eat nourishing foods, see friends, etc. Spend a week or a month or a year only focusing on foundation. Once that is under control, THEN take action.

Because you need to be able to handle the energy of the amazingness that will show up in your life. The energy that comes from moving toward a goal, or the excitement and abundance that comes with achieving it. It's standing in our own power - can you handle it? You can, as long as you've got your feet firmly planted. You've got this.