Be the Change You Wish to See in the World

Looking at history, we can see where true power (love, acceptance, joy, compassion) has won out over force (fear, contempt, jealously, exploitation). In times like these with so much turmoil around the world it's important to remember that true power - LOVE - always wins

It is more important than ever to keep our thoughts and hearts aligned in a loving and positive vibration, especially in light of al the darkness pervading the world

Gandhi brought the British Empire to its knees and effectively dismantled outdated colonial practices by standing for one principle: the intrinsic dignity of man and his right to freedom, sovereignty, and self determination. Such rights are given to man by virtue of being born. Human rights are not given by any power from earth, but an inherent in the nature of man by consequence of his creation

Violence is force, and because Gandhi was aligned with power instead of force, he forbade violence. Instead, he expressed universal principles - the power of love, community and compassion -  and by bringing together the will of the people that were aligned with this that it created a power too strong, too elevated and too pure to be tackled by the force of outdated and negative forces

Be a peace warrior. Be a love warrior. Do not let fear for what is happening on the planet deter you from standing in your highest power - your highest truth - of expressing forgiveness, compassion, and love.