Be Intentional. Live on Purpose.

Why are you doing what are you doing? Is there intention behind your actions?

I was trudging up the mountains in Greece and thought “right. This is why I drag myself out of bed in the morning to hit quad spin So I can do all the hiking I want when I travel.” I was nearly crushed by waves as I gingerly stepped along jagged rocks to get out of the sea and thought “right. this is why I work on my core in pilates. So I can stand strong while I explore - and that i have the guts to dive into riskier waters” (core work is associated with our third chakra - where our power lies. BOOM). Then I looked at all the beauty around me and remembered “right. this is why I do yoga at downward dog. As an act of reverence and devotion for the source of all the beauty around me and in me each day.”

Sometimes we don’t ever think about why we are doing what we are doing at all, or we forget. What I encourage you to do today is to look at your weekly routine and ask yourself to define your why - why you choose to do the things you habitually do. What’s your why behind that workout, or that glass of wine, or that time you spend streaming tv show, or the walk you take.

Maybe you’ll find that remembering your why will motivate you, or deepen your gratitude for having found that habit or activity. Or maybe you’ll say “shit. I don’t even know why I do this i don’t even like it and it makes me feel miserable and disconnected” That’s cool, but maybe it’s time to drop it to do the things that are serving your highest potential.

You want to be shining, love warriors, so find activities and habits that fan your flames. As always, I love you. Let me know if you forgot your why - it's time to find it again.