Be Good. Do Good.

"Be Good, Do Good.
Do thou always without attachment perform action which should be done, for by performing action without attachment, man reaches the Supreme." -Sivananda

What he's saying is give your time or money or love or compassion and be helpful to others just BECAUSE - without expectation of reward or recognition or for a return. Be good and kind just because

Don't be attached to the outcome "okay so I did X and therefore SO much good karma is coming my way!" - do it just because a part of you remembers that it is your true nature to be in a state where acting in this way comes easily, naturally and effortlessly. When you're in that state of kindness, you're aligned with your highest self and your highest state - and therefore closer to source/the universe/God/oneness. This is what he is saying.

So give this weekend - give your love, your compassion, your energy, just because it is your divine right and gift to do so. Get in the flow of what you ARE - a shining, loving, open and compassionate individual here to leave the world a little better than you found it. Keep shining.