How to Come Back Home: Lessons from Google

How often do we look for an answer outside of ourselves? 

The top most searched "how to's" in google are:

1. how to tie a tie

2. how to kiss

3. how to get pregnant

4. how to lose weight

5. how to draw

6. how to make money

7. how to make pancakes

8. how to write a cover letter

9. how to make french toast

10. how to lose belly fat

I came across this article that so beautifully outlined what we are really searching for which I loved:

Question     What you’re really asking

How to tie a tie           How do I grow up

How to kiss                 How can I be vulnerable

How to get pregnantHow can I create a family

How to lose weight   Am I lovable

How to draw              Is there a cure for my existential ennui

How to make money  Can I find success

How to make pancakes  What’s the recipe for happiness

How to write a cover letter     Am I good enough

How to make french toast       Can I be carefree for a morning

How to lose belly fat                   Can I be young forever

We all long to "go home" in some way - to have that feeling that we are safe, secure, at ease, and loved.  The thought that underpins all of these external searches is ultimately, "can I go home? can I just feel at home right now?"   What is "home" exactly, though? And how can we find it within ourselves? 

So much of the practice of learning how to connect with our soul, its guidance, and our heart is simply to help us find our way back "home" to ourselves.  When we are anchored, connected and guided by our heart, we feel at home.  We feel more loving and open.  Things flow in magical coincidences that we can't help but feel supported.  We feel inspired.  The more disconnected we are from our hearts, the more that we feel disconnected from the feeling of "home."  It's in that space that we'll forget that the answers are always within in us, and will seek counsel from external sources to answer questions our heart knows the answer to. 

The way to find your way back to your heart is to take time to get quiet enough so that you can tune into its guidance - whether that means going outside, turning your phone on airplane, spending time in a place that fuels you, journalling, or moving your body in whatever way feels good to you until you get to that point of clarity where the thoughts slow down and the guidance comes.  

Here's the only question that you ever need to ask in order to get yourself home: "what's the next right step?" 

If you're finding that your mind is swirling and you're feeling off - then carve out time for yourself this week to tune all the noise out - to get still and quiet enough to hear your heart answer the above question.  You'll then be guided to whatever action you need to take in order to make yourself feel more connected.  Maybe it'll come from something someone says to you, or a poster you see, or a hit of inspiration.  Whatever it is, your heart always knows how to lead you home.