Bachelor Canada Week One Vlog - Rollercoaster Ride

This year I decided that I was going to have a year of yes – meaning that as different people suggested things to me I would say yes to new experiences instead of saying no. 

Week One – Getting on the Rollercoaster

 You know when you’re at a theme park and you can see the rollercoaster ride: you see its peaks and valleys and you see where you’re going to be waiting for a really long time as you gently creek up to the top of the peak? The thing is, you never know until you’re actually there what it would be like to actually experience that.

The Lesson: Future Tripping - when your mind gets lost in contemplating a variety of situations that have... never happened

How many times do you let your mind think of a million different possible future outcomes of a situation?

The fact is, I spent a long time thinking of a number of outcomes when I really wouldn’t know what it would be like until I was there. 

Think about how much time we spend thinking of a variety of possible outcomes that have never happened, and how often this robs us from enjoying the present moment, just as it is. 

The Tool: go through the best case and worst case scenario, and consider what would happen in either circumstance, until you get to a place of being completely fine with either outcome.

How often do we get anxious about future bad scenarios, or get an “expectation hangover” when what we have carefully curated in our mind as the perfect outcome doesn’t happen and we’re left wallowing in our own disappointment of… what never was.