You Do You - Cultivating Pleasure and the Yin Energy

Ask yourself: WHAT do you DESIRE?

then…You Do You! Do that.

The pendulum swings both ways - the key is finding the delicate balance of doing and non-doing... of action and stillness. Of work and play. If not, I'm sure you've had the experience of what it feels like to be pushed, flung, catapulted, or thrown back the other way - whether you've been a little TOO relaxed and end up making a mistake through inattention, or you're TOO on it and all of the sudden you can't stay awake
The doing energy, the exerting, forcing, producing, protecting, having tangible results for our efforts is all associated with the YANG energy. Our society LOVES this side of things - do more! work more! have more things on the go! run faster! 
However because of this we forget the equally as important side of the energy - the YIN energy. This energy is all about just BEING, doing for the sake of PLEASURE, following our desires, receiving, and inputting energy into our beings
If you’re constantly in DOING mode, you’re going to feel out of balance. I really struggled with this, until I learned to consciously ask myself regularly, “what do I DESIRE?” and then giving myself permission to do that. It gets me into playing with the yin energy, which helps the pendulum swing the other way to keep the type A, intense side of me in check
We forget that we don’t always have to be doing - that we don’t always have to be making things happen for ourselves. That we don’t have to be crushing it all the time for results. Rather, we can follow our desires to ensure we live in a state of joy, which takes us into a flow state where things are magnetized to us instead in the most magical and synchronistic ways

Catie Fenn