How to Cultivate Adventure with Getting on a Plane

Adventure excites me. I am going back to the jungle on Saturday but in the interim, I'm in my routine. I woke up, went to spin, will walk to and from home, will see my familiar law friends, drink coffee at the coffee shop I always do, and take breaks to read a book I am newly obsessed with – and yet, I'm reminded of what I heard a spiritual teacher I adore, Byron Katie, say when I saw her in SF last year: “every day is exciting because YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN”

Those words echoed to me this morning. While actual adventures to new countries and places to soak up sites we have never seen, and play with our senses and dance under a new constellation of stars is invigorating – they aren’t the only way to cultivate adventure in our lives, and in fact, the research I did found that people actually AREN'T any happier from vacationing - we only get a small boost from booking and planning the trip

Every day has the potential to be a massive adventure, because it IS. We never know what’s going to happen, and it’s in that unknown that our spirits stay free and our hearts stay open. And our spirits long to be free, and our hearts to stay open

We all long to be at peace, but also to be wild. To stay wild. Adventure keeps our wildness alive. Invigorated. Infused with magic and mystery and possibility

So I invite you today to think about why things happened today that you didn’t know were going to happen. Think about it. Even the most mundane thing. “I didn’t know I would run into person X.” “I didn’t know I would come across that article.” “I didn’t know I would eat that meal.” “I didn’t know I would get that good news.” “I didn’t know I would catch a glimmer of the clouds in the sky against the multi-colours of the trees from high above an office tower and it would take my breath away.” BOOM. Magic all around, always. xoxo