My whole life I wanted a big love. Call me the by-product of one too many rom-coms and after school specials, but there was always a deep desire in my heart to share my heart, my life and my love in a BIG way with another. 

While I needed to learn that ultimately the biggest and best love story is the one we have with ourselves…that didn’t stop me from wanting to share that love with another.

As I watched my friends begin to get married and find big love in their life…

I wondered if I was falling behind, whether I should settle, whether what I wanted actually existed, or whether I would ever find what I was looking for…

And so I needed to learn how to thrive while in my season of singleness, how to cultivate radical faith that the Universe would provide, and how to actually trust in the timing of my journey and my life.

Sound familiar?

This desire for a BIG love led to me to a journey through a "season of singleness, not settling" that ended up lasting over six years. 

During those years, I learned a lot…


And now I’m here to share all the tools, information, perspectives, and guidance I received to learn how confidently thrive in my season of singleness, see my romantic life as a beautiful journey of growth, and to become the right energetic match to magnetize and manifest the perfect big love for me into my life… in a far more magical way than I could have expected.